New 'Fifty Shades Darker' Trailer: Things Get Hot, Heavy and Pretty Creepy

New 'Fifty Shades Darker' Trailer: Things Get Hot, Heavy and Pretty Creepy

Jan 03, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker

When it was published in 2012, the erotic novel Fifty Shades Darker soared to the top of the charts. The first sequel to E.L. James' extremely popular Fifty Shades of Grey teased various dangers that arose as the relationship between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey deepened.

When it was released in 2015, the adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey soared to the top of the box office charts. Dakota Johnson as Anastasia and Jamie Dornan as Christian steamed up the big screen and plans were soon made for the two literary sequels to be adapted as well.

Befitting the novel's sharp turn toward suspense, James Foley came on board as director. Lately he's been busy directing high-quality episodic television (Billions, House of Cards), but he built his reputation by helming terrific thrillers like At Close Range and After Dark, My Sweet.

While Fifty Shades of Grey was primarily devoted to Anastasia and Christian as they got to know one another and entered into territory that tested Anastasia, Fifty Shades Darker expands to show what happens after they reunite and, in effect, start all over again without Christian's pesky rules.

Watch a new, extended trailer below.

The trailer gives us a look at two threats that arise. Leila (Bella Heatchcote) is from Christian's past, a former submissive partner in their BDSM relationship who clearly is not too happy anymore. Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson) is Anastasia's new employer, a book publisher with a reputation for making unwanted advances to women who work for him.

Ana and Christian face other challenges in the book, but we'll have to wait until the movie is released to find out which ones are included in the adaptation. For now, the trailer establishes a loving, sensual atmosphere for the couple before the darker elements emerge.

Fifty Shades Darker will open in theaters on February 10.

Fifty Shades Darker

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