New 'Elysium' Image, Plus Matt Damon Interview and Footage Previewed

New 'Elysium' Image, Plus Matt Damon Interview and Footage Previewed

Nov 19, 2012

Looks like a new image of Matt Damon from Neill Blomkamp's Elysium has arrived online, which gives us a good chance to look back on the film's monster Comic-Con preview where it walked away as one of the highlights of the convention. Elysium recently moved back from this spring to August 9, 2013, but it shouldn't be long before we get that first preview. 

First, here's the image...

From our Comic-Con report:

-- Think Mad Max meets WALL-E, with a hard-R rating that includes tons of cursing, blood, violence and plenty of scenes involving people exploding.
-- The seven minutes of footage we were shown was explosive and powerful; a true original sci-fi tone that's dark, bleak and creative, especially with its maniacal villain, played by Sharlto Copley.
-- Speaking of Copley, his character looks like a homeless badass who wields a sword and ninja-like throwing stars that explode once they hit flesh.
-- Some of the film was shot on location in Mexico City inside the world's second largest garbage dump. Needless to say this caused some issues. Not only was the dust in the air all fecal matter, but with a lot of scenes involving helicopters, the actors would end plenty of takes covered from head to toe in, well, "dust."
-- Blomkamp brought back a lot of the same crew from District 9 to help create the film, which looks like it was made for a lot more money than it actually was. A lot of credit was given to Blomkamp from the cast, all of whom said he was incredible prepared.
-- The hardest stunt on the film involved Matt Damon's stunt guy crawling underneath a cart full of pigs, which were so freaked out that they urinated all over him continuously.
Listen to my interview with Matt Damon below to learn more about what looks like one of this year's best sci-fi movies.


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