New 'Avengers' TV Spot Proves Cobie Smulders is Actually in the Movie

New 'Avengers' TV Spot Proves Cobie Smulders is Actually in the Movie

Apr 10, 2012

If it hasn't become apparent yet, Marvel and Disney have taken the month of April hostage and are using every ounce of it to not only promote The Avengers (which hits theaters May 4th and premieres in Hollywood tomorrow), but also announce their upcoming films and casts for those films. They've used this hurricane of marketing mayhem to announce Captain America 2, and just yesterday we heard word that Ben Kingsley is close to signing on as the villain in Iron Man 3. Amid all these announcements we've been treated to posters, new images, set visit reports, TV spots and clips from The Avengers, arguably Disney's biggest movie of the year. 

What's interesting about the clips they're releasing so far is that while the TV spots are focusing on the men, the clips are highlighting the film's females. The first clip was a scene featuring Scarlett Johansson kicking bad-guy ass, and now this new clip, which premiered on the Late Show with David Letterman, finally gives us a taste of Cobie Smulders' no-nonsense SHIELD agent character. Here, Smulders, who plays Agent Maria Hill, questions Nick Fury's (Samuel L. Jackson) commands regarding the Tesseract (or Cosmic Cube) that will play a major role in this first Avengers installment.

Check it out below. And hit up our sister site Fandango for info on how you can stream The Avengers premiere live from your home. 

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