New 13-Minute 'Man of Steel' Featurette, Plus: David Goyer Compares It to a Terrence Malick Movie

New 13-Minute 'Man of Steel' Featurette, Plus: David Goyer Compares It to a Terrence Malick Movie

Jun 03, 2013

We're only two weeks away from a film we feel will eventually go down as this summer's most popular movie: Man of Steel. Advanced buzz is strong, despite the fact that the critics who've seen it aren't allowed to talk about it until June 10. Based on the little bits and pieces we've heard from certain birdies who shall remain anonymous, the film is quite spectacular and may even give The Avengers and The Dark Knight a run for their money in the "best superhero movie of all time" department. 

But before we get all lovey-dovey over a movie we haven't seen yet, here's some more stuff to whet your Supes appetite, including a new 13-minute featurette that dives into the film and its universe with cast interviews, additional footage and the kind of prerelease stuff crafted to make you that much more excited to see it come June 14.

In addition to the featurette, here's a fun quote we pulled from our Man of Steel set visit in which cowriter David S. Goyer compares filming certain sequences to a Terrence Malick movie, in part due to the location of the Kent farm, but also the film's intimate shooting style. 

"... the first couple of weeks [of filming] there’s a lot of stuff with [Kevin] Costner and Diane Lane. So we were shooting some stuff on the Kent Farm and it was magic hour, so it was dusk and we were out in the fields. There wasn’t any video village, so it was just a small group of us and we were shooting with available light, handheld and Amir (Mokri) was doing the camera. So it was like Zack and I and a couple other people and a small crew of maybe 20 people and Costner and the young boy playing Clark. Someone asked me earlier, 'What’s it like growing up as a comic book geek doing this?' I grew up in Michigan, so where we were at was very similar to the place I grew up in. This is, I think, the second day of shooting. It’s a scene in which Jonathan tells him, 'You’re not human,”'essentially. I just turned to Zack and I said, 'Can you believe we’re doing this? I mean, this is so amazing.' But, more to the point, the scene that we were shooting, stylistically, it reminded me of something out of Days of Heaven, Terrence Malick film rather than a comic book movie because a lot of the movie—there are moments like that that are really cool. It’s much more textural than I think people will expect."

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