Netflix and Redbox Renters Might Have to Wait 60 Days for New Releases

Netflix and Redbox Renters Might Have to Wait 60 Days for New Releases

Oct 28, 2011



Warner Bros. and other Hollywood studios are considering extending the current 28-day wait on DVD rentals with Netflix and Redbox to a 60-day period. This means that if you've been unhappy with Netflix's current flux in subscription price and all that silly Qwikster stuff, you'll be further peeved to read this news. As of late, Redbox users have also seen changes in their service. The company recently increased overnight rentals by 20 cents — not much, but price changes never fail to make some people extra cranky. Will people be willing to stick around with such a long wait (and potentially further price increases) in place?
The proposed delay means that you won't be seeing new movies until 60 days from the time DVDs go on sale. Giants like Warner Bros. Home Entertainment are exploring this option as a way to increase DVD/Blu-ray purchases. Warner Bros. currently imposes a 28-day wait on new releases, along with Universal Pictures, some of Comcast's NBC Universal, and Fox — making those studios the ones likely to make the jump should this actually happen.
What say you? Does the proposed 60-day wait mean you're ready to abandon ship? Are you likely to purchase more DVDs/Blu-rays this way, or will these changes mean more folks will be downloading "illegally?" Discuss.

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