Hate the New Netflix Interface? Here's How to Fix it.

Hate the New Netflix Interface? Here's How to Fix it.

Jun 13, 2011

Last week Netflix unveiled its new web interface with a heavy emphasis on streaming.  This new layout is fine and all if you use Netflix exclusively on a tablet device, but everyone who still loves to manage their queue using a good 'ole fashioned keyboard and mouse has been left in the cold.  And as it turns out, thousands of comments and emails asking to make the old version of the site, the one that includes pertinent information like star ratings and the option to actually sort lists, easily accessible have fallen on deaf ears: Netflix has no intention of re-instating the old interface.

But what Netflix taketh away, the Internet giveth back.  To access the old Watch Instantly home page, simply bookmark this link.  However, that link is only good for the homepage.  If you want all of the genre sub-pages to function as well, and are a Chrome user, this very simple extension will do all the behind-the-scenes magic for you: Netflix Watch Now Layout Fix.

Not a Chrome user?  Unfortunately it seems you're out of luck for the time being, but if we hear word of a nice Firefox or IE extension/script that does the same trick, we'll definitely add it in here.

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