Netflix Makes Fun of Amazon with Drone-Delivery Spoof to Remind You It Still Rents DVDs

Netflix Makes Fun of Amazon with Drone-Delivery Spoof to Remind You It Still Rents DVDs

Feb 25, 2014

Amazon's Drone Delivery video was perhaps the smartest marketing trick anyone pulled in 2013. The company announced a hypothetical service that wouldn't be available for years (were it ever even approved), the media ate it up, and because it was the first to announce it, now drone delivery is synonymous with Amazon even though it doesn't exist. Plus, Amazon released the video on the eve of Cyber Monday, so it was the online retailer everyone was talking about right before the biggest week of online shopping. Whoever conceived it all is a diabolical genius.

And now the folks at Netflix are making fun of Amazon for it.

Well, they're trying to at least. The below "Netflix Drone to Home" video isn't exactly super hilarious, though there are some chuckle-worthy parts. But it also doesn't really need to be. This is one competitor taking a pot shot at another, and we're always up for a playful corporate rivalry, especially if it means healthy competition for the consumer. 

This video is also a reminder that Netflix does indeed still have a DVD service. So many people talk about streaming exclusively these days that it's almost an "Oh, yeah, I remember what Netflix used to do" moment, even though the whole thing is done as a joke. Check it out.




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