Netflix Confirms 'Bright' Sequel With Will Smith and Joel Edgerton Returning

Netflix Confirms 'Bright' Sequel With Will Smith and Joel Edgerton Returning

Jan 03, 2018

Netflix took a big gamble with Bright, an original action fantasy film that cost them $90 million, their largest purchase ever. And it paid off, because the company has now confirmed that the title is their biggest yet.

Since debuting on the service on December 22, Bright has become the number one Netflix Original in all 190 countries where it's available, with it being even more popular internationally than in the US. In its first week alone, the movie took the crown as the highest viewed Netflix movie ever. 

The company has also now confirmed, after unofficial reports first arrived just before Bright's premiere, that a sequel is on the way. Here's what we know:

Are the two leads returning? 

Both Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, who respectively play a human cop and an orc cop partnered together in an alternate Los Angeles, "are expected to return," according to a press release from Netflix. 

Who is directing the sequel?

David Ayer, who helmed Bright, is confirmed to be coming back as the director.

Is Max Landis writing the screenplay again?

No, this time Ayer will also write the movie. 

Do we know the plot yet?

No, but the fantastical world of Bright is full of possibilities. It's worth noting that years ago Landis saw the script for the first movie as his Star Wars, implying there was potential for a franchise with a mythology and fandom and all that.

What about a title?

The title hasn't been decided yet, but in the fake orc casting video below Netflix jokingly teases possibilities including "Brighter," "Bad Boys in Mordor," "Orcs Gone Wild," "The Last Inferni," "Wand Wars" and simply "Bright 2."

Just how popular was the first one?

According to Nielsen data, via VarietyBright was watched by 11 million people in its first three days, just in the US. Comparatively, Ayer's own Suicide Squad, which had a very good opening weekend last year with a gross of $134 million, was seen by about 15 million people in theaters. 

How does it compare to other Netflix releases?

While Netflix claims Bright is their most popular movie, it might not be their most popular release. The first episode of the second season of Stranger Things was watched by almost 16 million subscribers during its debut weekend last fall. Another of its major series, The Crown, was only watched by three million people in the same amount of time. Netflix does disput Nielsen's figures, however.

How has the response been?

Ratings don't mean much as far as a series or movies' popularity, because some viewers could dislike Bright and therefore not be interested in the sequel. But the movie does have a lot of fans. While its Rotten Tomatoes critics' score is a low 28%, its audience score on the same site is 88%. 

When will the sequel begin streaming?

The release date is unknown, but Netflix tends to try for quick turnarounds on follow-ups.

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