Nerd Watch: Vintage Superheroes, a 'Harry Potter-esque' TV Remote Wand & Sexy Eye Makeup Inspired by 'The Avengers'

Nerd Watch: Vintage Superheroes, a 'Harry Potter-esque' TV Remote Wand & Sexy Eye Makeup Inspired by 'The Avengers'

Apr 27, 2012

I've mentioned the marvelous Marvellini brothers elsewhere recently, but with The Avengers hitting theaters soon (not soon enough!), it felt like a good time to spread the superhero love to a new audience. These artists in Milan have crafted their own origin story using vintage portraits. Each old-timey image has been transformed into a hero or villain and showcased in a fancypants frame. If you've been wondering what Batman's great uncle ten times removed looked like, or what Darth Vader's grandma wore on Sundays, the Marvellinis have your answer. Check out their Facebook page for more photos.



For those of you fantasizing about never leaving the couch ever again — and to those of you who are already there — The Wand Company may be your new best friend. We feel like SNL's Stefon, but this TV remote wand really does have it all. You can kick it cosplay-style in your living room as Harry Potter while waving the wand to change channels and adjust your TV volume. There's "swirling" involved, too. Up to 13 different gestures can be customized on the unique remote control for the low price of $70. Find out more on the company website. [via Design Taxi]



A makeup artist/enthusiast by the name of Jangsara crafted these sexy, detailed, and creatively conceived eye makeup looks inspired by — you guessed it — The Avengers. We haven't spotted a video tutorial yet, but they're apparently on the way according to her blog. The whole team is represented here, including Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury who sports an eyepatch. Jangsara's translation of the prop is clever and contemporary. See more on the artist's website, and cross your fingers she has some video posted before next weekend's release date so you can head to the premiere in style. [via @gholson and Fashionably Geek]



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