Nerd Watch: This Zombie Pencil Holder Is Beyond Great

Nerd Watch: This Zombie Pencil Holder Is Beyond Great

Feb 01, 2012

We admit this has no direct connection to any one movie, but it's about zombies and you obsess over zombie movies, and we'll leave it at that. And you know you walk away from a zombie movie with the same exact thought every single time: "Ya know, I wouldn't want that to happen in real life, but I would like to see what it feels like to beat the sh*t out of a zombie with a baseball bat like Woody Harrelson."

Admit it. That's you. We know it is.

So then look at this thing. It's a zombie pencil holder that lets you jam things (mostly pencils, pens, clips and what look to be ATM cards) into its zombie head. Oh, and it holds your mail too. Could you look any creepier? Gotta have it.

Price $34.95.

Buy it at the Neatoshop


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