Nerd Watch: Is This the New 'Star Wars' Kid?

Nerd Watch: Is This the New 'Star Wars' Kid?

Dec 07, 2011

Back in 2006 a video leaked out featuring some overweight, geeky kid clowning around with a lightsaber at school, pretending to cause all sorts of destruction. Unfortunately he forgot to remove the cassette tape, opening it up for other kids at the school to pass it around amongst each other and then eventually online, where it exploded into one of the internet's most popular fanboy-related viral videos. Since then there have been lawsuits and many therapy sessions for "The Star Wars Kid" (the nickname given to him after the video got out), not to mention hundreds of different interpretations of the video, with special effects, music and lots more added to spice up the original. As of today, the original video has upwards of 24 million views.

Now, years later, a new video has arrived online featuring an even heavier guy geeking out over lightsaber Christmas presents he received. What appears to be his mother films a scene that plays out like a Napoleon Dynamite spin-off, with this kid -- named Francis -- opening up his lightsaber Christmas presents (that he expects are just more My Little Pony gear), followed by him showing off his skills, which involve hitting his practically-comatose brother in the head and groin.

Since it began to spread, plenty of people have called it out as a fake for multiple reasons, including the fact that it's edited together well, has a narrative and -- well, c'mon. But still, even if this is a fake, we can't help but feel the joke isn't on us. And mom, how about next Christmas you get this kid a gym membership.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

Original Star Wars Kid

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