Nerd Watch: The Strangest 'Superman' Musical You've Ever Seen, Plus 'Twilight' Gets a Video Game?

Nerd Watch: The Strangest 'Superman' Musical You've Ever Seen, Plus 'Twilight' Gets a Video Game?

Feb 29, 2012

Thank goodness for Everything is Terrible. Without them we never would have found this hilariously atrocious 1975 TV musical version of America's Man of Steel. The strange production is based on the 1966 Broadway musical It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Superman!. The show performed about as well as expected. This was before Christopher Reeve made the red, white, and blue superhero a popular entertainment choice.

While the heroic flying figure was considered the "world's greatest adventure strip character" leading up to the musical, the transition from page to stage was a little awkward — though it did have some success where several of the stars where concerned and the song "You've Got Possibilities." Then along came ABC, who broadcast the television adaptation that starred David Wilson as Superman and Lesley Ann Warren as his ladylove, Lois Lane. After you view Everything is Terrible's three-minute clip showing the best, worst moments from the show, you'll understand why it was poorly received during its premiere. Watch an oddly emo Superman, some horrible singing, and more bizarre superhero antics in the video below. [via ToplessRobot]




"Every choice could mean life, death or neither when you're Bella," Robot Chicken's Twilight: The Game tells us. The 16bit-style videogame spoof shows a mopey Edward and Bella, a topless Jacob professing undying love, and not much else. There's a sparkly climax that goes nowhere. So basically, it's just like the movies. Have a laugh at the video over yonder break, and save a few hours of your precious time before attempting to watch the totally disjointed series. (Even the films' seemingly earnest conviction can't save it from being a poorly patched together mess.)

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