Nerd Watch: Jeremy Roenick Reenacts Memorable NHL Video Game Scene from 'Swingers'

Nerd Watch: Jeremy Roenick Reenacts Memorable NHL Video Game Scene from 'Swingers'

Aug 30, 2011

If you're a fan of the movie Swingers and grew up playing video games during the mid-90s, then you no doubt know all about NHL '93, '94 and '95, and you no doubt engaged in a number of crazy tournaments with your friends at some point during this golden era of video game hockey. There's even a scene that pays tribute to the game (and all the real-life fights it caused) in Swingers, when the boys get into a scuffle while playing the game on Sega Genesis.

One fun factoid about the game was that whoever designed it must have been a huge Jeremy Roenick fan because the player (now retired) was unstoppable. So, for those who played the game religiously, it was always this sort of in-joke that whoever had Jeremy Roenick would win because he was the best player in the game. Swingers also pointed out what I call "The Jeremy Roenick Factor" during the film's memorable video game-playing scene, and now all these years later Fox and FuelTV teamed up to remake the scene by actually including Jeremy Roenick.

Watch both the original and remake below, and let us know what you think. Long live Swingers!

(Note: And yes, I was that guy who always played with Roenick. What do you want from me -- he was too good to pass up!)

[via @GermainLussier]

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