Nerd Watch: Fan-Made Posters for 8-Bit 'Star Wars,' Geometric 'Ghostbusters' and Superheroes in Other Movies

Nerd Watch: Fan-Made Posters for 8-Bit 'Star Wars,' Geometric 'Ghostbusters' and Superheroes in Other Movies

Sep 11, 2012

Artist Ale Giorgini creates fun, retro-style movie posters that capture iconic film characters in elongated, geometric forms. Each design has a very cool 1960s illustration vibe, with a condensed composition that toys with larger-than-life text. Plus, nothing makes us happier than seeing the Dude clutching a White Russian with a milk mustache to match. Giorgini's posters don't skimp on important, geeky details like that, even though the style feels minimalist and cartoony. Give them some love below. [via Geek Art]






Channeling a famous film book (1001 Movies to See Before You Die) and a superhero mag (The Curious Guide of Superheroes, which we can't seem to locate anywhere. Drop us a link if you know it.), São Paulo-based artist Luiz Arthuso has mashed movie characters (namely superheroes and villains) with different films.
Superman gets the Back to the Future treatment in Back to the Krypton; Hulk becomes entangled with the Star Wars universe; and Batman's arch nemesis Joker joins forces with the Grinch. Somehow, it all seems fitting and the minimalist style works. "Over a series of minimalist posters where, this time, I mix some heroes and villains in films that recall its main features, such as Saving Private Ryan with Steve Rogers (Captain America). The production was the fastest part of the process, since we had such a minimal style, without much details and frills," the artist writes about his process. Would you hang any of these on your wall? Visit Design Taxi to see more artistic movie mash-ups.






Designer Ty Lettau created several prints depicting Star Wars characters as 8-bit video game figures, engaged in boss battles. See Chewie face off with a Scout Trooper and Han give Greedo the big beat down. Design Taxi has more adorably badass pixel goodness to quench your thirst for all things geeky and Star Wars.


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