Nerd Watch: A Crazy Spider-Man Bathroom and Dr. Seuss Does 'Batman'

Nerd Watch: A Crazy Spider-Man Bathroom and Dr. Seuss Does 'Batman'

Jan 05, 2012

Check out this Spider-Man-themed bathroom — you know, in case you felt like using the potty with Spidey's reptilian nemesis Lizard glaring at you. Marvel villains Sandman, Doc Ock, and Green Goblin also make an appearance in the unusual interior design that was constructed by Riley Replicas for a friend. That's some pal!

If you're trying to imagine what Spidey toilet paper would look like, or you're feeling pee shy, relax and enjoy these Dr. Seuss artworks, that turn the crazy cat into Batman villains. Two-Face, Riddler, and the bat dude himself come with their own rhyming slogans thanks to artist Dr. Faustus. He's the same guy who turned Dr. Seuss into Cthulhu and Ghostbusters mashups, which you can check out over here.
Dig into all the nerdom below.
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