Nerd Watch: Batman vs. Wolverine Film Noir, Batman Deliverance

Nerd Watch: Batman vs. Wolverine Film Noir, Batman Deliverance

Jun 02, 2011

Yesterday may have been a bit Hunger Games-themed because of our Hunger Games Countdown column and more news about the franchise, but today looks to belong to Batman. We have a new Dark Knight Rises Countdown column on the way later on, but we'll kick-start the day with this nerdy Batman vs. Wolverine film noir fan-made short film called Batman Deliverance.

Shot in black and white with a concentration on shadows, spotlights and an overall moody atmosphere, this French-language short features an aging Batman battling Wolverine as its main event, but it also does a great job of showing us where Bruce Wayne is psychologically as he nears retirement age, and how the character of Batman has consumed him to the point that it controls everything about him.

As fun as it is to see Batman fight Wolverine (especially since one is a DC and one is a Marvel, and something like this would never happen outside a fan-made product), the battle between the two doesn't really make much sense within the structure of the story they set up. We don't see how he meets Wolverine or why they're fighting, and so in the end the entire rumble comes off as a little too random. Everything else about it is way cool, though, and it sort of makes you wonder what a Frank Miller-directed Batman movie would look like.

Watch it here and let us know what you think.

[via Buzzfeed]

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