Nerd Watch: Artist Creates Amazing Action Scenes Out of Paper

Nerd Watch: Artist Creates Amazing Action Scenes Out of Paper

Sep 28, 2012

Photographer David A. Reeves creates cut-paper action silhouettes that have been posed in the midst of battles and dramatic encounters. Each figure is created through precise layering that includes backdrops and tiny details such as blades of grass blowing in the wind. The designer engages us in his paper depth of field by using multiple backdrops activated by light and textures to insinuate clouds, sky, fields and more. They're simple, charming and entirely cinematic.

Below, we've featured several of his recent works. Reeves' zombie apocalypse was inspired by the undead in Resident Evil, while his Batman homage took images from comic book The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller — one of the artist's favorite. His Western scene is pretty great, if only because he gave the gun a little puff of smoke. Reeves also created a poster for the desert shootout scene, inventing a fictional movie (at least to our knowledge) starring Kurt Russell, Martin Sheen, Sean Connery, Bruce Campbell and Martin Lawrence. You can see more of Reeves' work on his Tumblr, and head to Design Taxi for more behind-the-scenes shots to see how the paper stills are usually set up.






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