Nerd Watch: Addidas 'Star Wars' Campus Wampa Sneakers

Nerd Watch: Addidas 'Star Wars' Campus Wampa Sneakers

Sep 29, 2011

We've dug a lot of the stuff Addidas has put out as part of their Star Wars line, but these furry Wampa sneakers ... um, maybe not. But that's not stopping you from picking up the $150 pair of sneakers that actually look really cool until you picture yourself wearing them out in public with people looking at you, like, "Why does that kid have fur on his sneaker?" There's also no word on how long it takes before these start to smell (the fur is horsehair), or whether it'd be a good idea to shampoo your sneakers every once in awhile. Yeah, this one is your call. Buy it here, and check out images below.


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Tags: Star Wars
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