Nerd Alert: A Real-Life Pixar-Inspired Lamp and a Taxi Gets an Amazing 'Back to the Future' Makeover

Nerd Alert: A Real-Life Pixar-Inspired Lamp and a Taxi Gets an Amazing 'Back to the Future' Makeover

Dec 03, 2012



Carlo Collodi's classic character Pinocchio was a wooden puppet that longs to become a real boy. The creators of Pinokio had the fictional fairy-tale figure in mind when they invented a robotic lamp that interacts with people and the environment around it. The below video demonstrates how Pinokio acts like a real-life Pixar character and looks just like the lamp from the animation giant's logo (pictured above).

Pinokio recognizes faces, responds to sounds, and expresses itself in several ways — including begging for attention and flipping its switch back on when you try to turn it off. Design Taxi featured the lamp created by Shanshan Zhou, Adam Ben-Dror and Joss Doggett. They constructed Pinokio with Processing, Arduino, OpenCV and a webcam. See the magical invention at work in this short clip.



If you're a city dweller, then you know that taking a cab is often a dodgy experience, filled with unexpected ick and sometimes wisdom. New York-based designer Mike Lubrano makes us forget the bad stuff, though, with his creation for futuristic fashion brand Nooka.

He took the iconic yellow taxi and turned it into a relic from Back to the Future, which we more than approve of. Big cities, take note: remodel your taxis after a cult 1980s film and they will come. The below photos are from Design Taxi and prove that Lubrano got all the little details right. Someone make this happen everywhere, please. Now.






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