How Accurate Is Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar'? Neil deGrasse Tyson Weighs In

How Accurate Is Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar'? Neil deGrasse Tyson Weighs In

Nov 10, 2014


Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has a pretty solid career as a scientist, but if things ever go south there, he can always fall back on being a film critic and consultant for sci-fi movies. The man who picked apart Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity for its scientific inaccuracies is back to offer his thoughts on Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar – and he’s pleased with what he sees.

Tyson prefaces his series of tweets by reminding everyone that he’s not a film critic – he’s really just interested in commenting on whether the science used in certain films holds up when compared to reality. Since Nolan hired physicist Kip Thorne as a consultant and executive producer, it seemed like a safe bet that Interstellar would pass some pretty intense scrutiny. Here’s what Neil deGrasse Tyson had to say.

Tyson even shows off a bit of film knowledge when he points out that the movie reprises the matched-rotation docking sequence from Kubrick’s 2001 – “but they spin 100x faster.” Swing by the scientist’s Twitter feed for more of his thoughts, then watch him explain them in person during a recent appearance on CBS This Morning.

[Editor's note: For another scientist's thoughts on the movie, turn to astronomer Phil Plait, who was far harsher on some of the movie's dramatic interpreations of hard science than Tyson.]

And for those who'd like to see the film explained in one image, here are two infographics that do just that. But be warned -- they come with spoilers!

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