New Director Hired to Helm 'Uncharted,' Mark Wahlberg Likely to Leave as Lead

New Director Hired to Helm 'Uncharted,' Mark Wahlberg Likely to Leave as Lead

Jul 07, 2011

Nathan DrakeIt's safe to say that a lot of fans of the hit Playstation videogame series Uncharted felt that David O. Russell was certainly an interesting choice to direct a big screen version of, but not everyone agreed that he was the right choice.  One of the main motivating factors behind that being the fact that Russell was pushing to cast Mark Wahlberg in the lead role as a modern day (and more foolish) Indiana Jones-type treasure hunter.

Well, if you were one of those fans, Variety has some very good news for you: Sony has found its replacement director for Russell, who left the project weeks ago.  Neil Burger, director of Limitless, The Lucky Ones, The Illusionist and Interview With the Assassin (which is a pretty interesting flick, if you ever happen to stumble across it).  But wait, that's not all!

With Burger now being hired, it's looking more unlikely that Wahlberg will stick around now that the replacement for his The Fighter director has been found.  This of course will open up a whole new round of fan casting as to who should play Nathan Drake.  The fantasy frontrunner will of course be Nathan Fillion, while the logical frontrunner would be Limitless star Bradley Cooper.  And, actually, the latter really isn't all that bad of a choice for the character.  

What do you think?

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