Here Are Two Super-Dirty, Red-Band Trailers for Zac Efron and Seth Rogen's 'Neighbors'

Here Are Two Super-Dirty, Red-Band Trailers for Zac Efron and Seth Rogen's 'Neighbors'

Apr 08, 2014

Taking bro-dude humor to the extreme, Seth Rogen and company have decided to forgo any subtleties and take audiences directly to the frat house with Neighbors. The comedian plays one half of a married couple (Rose Byrne stars as his partner) who take up residence in Dullsville, Suburbia where sex on an Ethan Allen dining room chair (natch) is about as exciting as things get. It gets creepy when their newborn baby watches, though.

A frat house moves next door, and the family’s boring little life is hilariously disrupted. The casting of the formerly innocent Zac Efron as the sadistic frat president is genius. Get Him to the Greek and Yes Man director Nicholas Stoller has cast an assortment of other familiar faces sure to please. Two red-band trailers have popped up, revealing the foul-mouthed, c**k-rock shenanigans that take place.

WARNING: Both trailers are NSFW for sexual content and foul language.



Somehow, Efron's prez and his gang of beer-swilling drones were smart enough to rig Rogan’s character’s car air bags to various furniture pieces, catapulting him through the ceiling. (You'll have to suspend disbelief on that one.) Stereotypes are nauseating, but as our own Erik Davis suggests in his review, Neighbors celebrates the recklessness of youth with no apologies — and sometimes that’s OK and even funny.


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