You'll Be Surprised to Learn Which Movie Trailer Won the Super Bowl

You'll Be Surprised to Learn Which Movie Trailer Won the Super Bowl

Feb 04, 2014

This year's Super Bowl served us a buffet of some appetizing movie trailers, but which movie got the biggest boost after shelling out millions to show off in front of the largest audience in television history? According to this interesting infographic put together by a team at Way to Blue, the spots for Transformers: Age of Extinction, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 all scored big with viewers, with Transformers making the biggest splash simply because it was the first footage revealed from the fourth installment. But we expected that. These were the biggest movies offering up previews, and so naturally they're the ones people were watching the most and talking about the most across various social media platforms.

However, none of these movies were the real winners of the Super Bowl. Instead, that prize goes to Need for Speed, which, according to this graphic, gained a tremendous amount of momentum from its Super Bowl spot. Just look at awareness of the movie prior to its Super Bowl spot compared to after. Sure it eventually landed in fourth place behind those other three blockbusters, but they all benefit from being sequels to franchises audiences are already aware of and looking forward to.

Need for Speed, while based on a video game, is still a new big-screen property, and it scored a tremendous boost from that Super Bowl spot -- so much so that the film, which stars Aaron Paul as an ex-con in a cross-country street race, is getting a last-minute 3D conversion, most likely to capitalize on the crazy numbers being reported post-Super Bowl.

Check out the graphic below, along with the Need for Speed Super Bowl spots. Did your anticipation for this movie grow after watching its latest preview? 





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