Update: 'Need for Speed' Videogame Finds a Studio and a Director

Update: 'Need for Speed' Videogame Finds a Studio and a Director

Jun 22, 2012

Update: A press release just went out touting that this project has taken a big step forward as DreamWorks beat out the competition to become the home of the first ever Need for Speed movie. Beyond that, the only major development from the below news is that Act of Valor's Scott Waugh will be directing the film.


Racing videogame series Need for Speed is being developed as a new franchise according to Variety. Real Steel writer John Gatins has been hired to create a pitch for the potential project, which he will also produce. Warner Bros., Sony, and Paramount are all interested apparently, as Gatins and team are currently shopping things to studios. With the success of the Fast and the Furious franchise — which currently belongs to Universal and may be a reason they pass on this one — Need for Speed could be a winner. It was an early smash for developers EA, but in recent years sales have declined.

The videogame has a bit of a weird history. First, the strategy involved dashing around and outrunning the cops, who would go to extreme lengths to stop you. Then it shifted into a kind of drift racing/street thing — basically mimicking the success of Fast and Furious when that became huge. We haven't played the latest game in the series (number 18, to be exact), called Need for Speed: The Run. Geek Tyrant shares that "the game gave a fresh take on the franchise by actually giving it a plot, which is a first."

We'll be curious to see how they pull it off. What about you? Do we really need another Fast and Furious-type tale in theaters? How can you see the studios making this one different from its predecessor?

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