'Breaking Bad' Fans Just Got a Big Reason to Look Forward to a Video Game Movie

'Breaking Bad' Fans Just Got a Big Reason to Look Forward to a Video Game Movie

Oct 15, 2012

Aaron Paul has spent most of his career playing odd roles here and there in commercials, TV and film, but it wasn't until he was cast as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad that he had his huge breakthrough to pop-culture awareness. Thanks to that show, Paul has not only been given some of the best television material ever written, but it's launched his career to a whole new level. No, not to meme status (though his foul-mouthed Breaking Bad character has plenty to offer on that front), but to that of leading man in a Hollywood action movie.

The movie in question is Need for Speed, an adaptation of Electronic Arts' long-running racing video game series. The word adaptation should be used somewhat loosely, though, as the series historically doesn't have much plot to speak of beyond fast cars go faster, so George Gatins' screenplay might as well be considered an original work. Gatins' brother, John, will serve as a producer on the film, which will be directed by Scott Waugh (Act of Valor).

Who Paul will be playing or why exactly he has a need for speed is still in the shadows, but we're guessing it'll be closer in tone to Gatins' family-friendly Real Steel than it will the decidely more adult Breaking Bad. Either way, we're very glad to see that Paul is lining up some high-profile gigs after his AMC series ends its run next year.


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