Natalie Portman Stripping Has Never Been So Boring

Natalie Portman Stripping Has Never Been So Boring

Dec 13, 2010

As part of some sort of weird year-end "high art" piece, The New York Times decided to assemble some of 2010's most talked-about actors and actresses for a concept video feature they called "14 Actors Acting." In it, we see folks like Chloe Moretz, James Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, Michael Douglas, Vincent Cassel and others playing "classic screen types" -- like the rebel, the singer, the mean girl, and, in Natalie Portman's case, the exasperated performer who just can't do it anymore.

Naturally, people only focus on the more ridiculous things to come out of something that appears ridiculous in the first place, like James Franco making out with himself in the mirror (which, to me, sort of reflects the entire feature), and Natalie Portman's piece, which involves her stripping off her clothes and a blonde, curly wig as she falls back in her chair, clearly beaten up by another night out entertaining seedy men at some seedy club.

Sounds pretty sexy, right? "Natalie Portman stripping" should rank high in Google as "searches done by horny 16-year-olds with a fetish for pretty actresses who are built like they're 13."

Unfortunately (for any horny 16-year-old boy now reading this), the final video may put you to sleep faster than you can swear off ever clicking on another New York Times link again. Enjoy!

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