Natalie Portman on Black Swan Controversy: Gossip About This B**ch!

Natalie Portman on Black Swan Controversy: Gossip About This B**ch!

Apr 08, 2011

Oh wait, yeah, that's right -- people are still trying to make a thing out of this Black Swan incident. You know, the one where the ballerina double tried to bash Natalie Portman, claiming the actress was taking credit for scenes that featured her double. Portman, who won an Oscar for the role, later responded by going over to the double's house and beating her upside the head with her Oscar.

No, it didn't happen like that, but don't you wish it did? Don't you wish these celebrities could say what they really want to say, and that we didn't live in a society that's so scared to speak its mind for fear of what other people will think about them? Portman, attempting to squash the whole thing, told E! News something cheesy, like, "I had a chance to make something beautiful with this film and I don't want to give in to the gossip."

Aww, that's sweet. Nice girl.

But seriously, say what you want to say, Natalie. You're pregnant; you're experiencing some crazy, emotional mood swings -- just lay it all out there. Call this girl out and be all like, "I lost 40 pounds for this movie, beyotch, and now I weigh less than a newborn! What'd you do? Dance in two scenes? Congratulations! Oh, and have we met yet? I'm Natalie Portman. You may have heard of me from such films as I Just Won an Oscar Off Your Ass and its sequel,  Shut Up Before I Beat You with My Oscar Again."

See, we need more honesty from our celebrities. Something tells me they'd sell more movie tickets, too.

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