Exclusive: Download the Ridiculously Catchy Song from 'My Sucky Teen Romance' for Free

Exclusive: Download the Ridiculously Catchy Song from 'My Sucky Teen Romance' for Free

Sep 06, 2012

Original songs made specifically for movies don't exactly have the greatest reputation. Just check out Scott Weinberg's rundown of the worst rap songs written for movies for proof of that. Or consider that the Academy Awards only had two nominations for Best Original Song earlier this year, though you could easily argue that's just because the Academy is silly.

But here's an original movie song that doesn't suck: "The Kids" by Whoa, Palomino. Yes, we realize you've probably never heard it, but that's precisely why we're here today. It's from the vampire comedy My Sucky Teen Romance, and once you hear it, you're not going to be able to get it out of your head.

The song was actually written by one of the stars of the film, Santiago Dietche, at the request of writer-director Emily Hagins. What's particularly impressive about that is both Dietche and Hagins were in high school when they made My Sucky Teen Romance. In fact, all of Whoa, Palomino's band members were in high school, too. So not only is this a great, original song for a movie, it was made by artists barely old enough to drive.

We think that's pretty damned cool, which is why we jumped on distributor Dark Sky Films' offer to give the song to everyone for free. You can stream the ridiculously catch "The Kids" below (or download it here), and, conveniently enough, you can now also stream or download My Sucky Teen Romance on your VOD platform of choice, as well as own it on DVD and Blu-ray. It's a funny, heartfelt, refreshing change of pace for vampire films, and we think you should definitely check it out.

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