Mutant Manna

Mutant Manna

Jul 28, 2009

X-Men Main

It’s hard to deny the wide appeal of Hugh Jackman no matter what you thought of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a prequel to the X-men movies that spans 150 years of Jackman’s Wolverine character. Heck, the affable Aussie even made an epic snore of an Academy Awards show almost tolerable earlier this year with his undeniable charisma. If you enjoyed the X-men movies at all then you’ll probably want a hunk of Wolverine, which slashes its way to Blu-ray and DVD from Fox on September 15. Both versions are loaded with extras, including a conversation with Wolverine creators Stan Lee and Len Wein, deleted and alternate scenes, and many featurettes covering the history of this Marvel superhero. The Blu-ray is also Fox’s first title with “Live Lookup,” a new interactive BD-Live technology that gives viewers up-to-date filmographies and information related to the film via IMDb. Can we use the feature to send us an alert if another Wolverine film gets greenlit? Blu-ray Bob doesn't like that sort of thing sneaking up on him.

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