Musician Daniel Johnston Plays Himself in a Trippy New Short Film

Musician Daniel Johnston Plays Himself in a Trippy New Short Film

Nov 14, 2013


Director Gabriel Sunday is promising psychedelic good times with his latest short film about troubled indie-music icon Daniel Johnston. The work plays like a documentary, but things transform when Johnston’s art, music and other quirks are used to create his internal world — and if you’ve listened to his music, then you know that’s an emotionally complex experience.

The footage was captured during the Open Borders Festival in California, inside an abandoned bookstore, shot in just a few days. The soundtrack boasts songs from Tom Waits, Beck, Bright Eyes, Wilco, Death Cab for Cutie, Johnny Depp and Gibby Haynes, Pearl Jam, the Flaming Lips and more. The filmmakers are currently campaigning on Kickstarter to gather funds for the postproduction process, including work on the animations, sound mixing, coloring and more.

The rewards are a lot of fun, with art and props from the shoot available and other rare goodies. Visit the Kickstarter page and official website to learn more about the movie, and check out this trailer. Also, if you haven't seen the excellent Jeff Feuerzeig documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston, you're missing out.



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