Early Buzz: 'The Muppets' is the Best Muppet Movie Since 'The Muppet Movie'

Early Buzz: 'The Muppets' is the Best Muppet Movie Since 'The Muppet Movie'

Aug 19, 2011

For those who grew up with (and subsequently obsessed over) Jim Henson's Muppets, your most anticipated fall movie has to be The Muppets. Would Jason Segel (who wrote and stars) do right by the Muppet franchise, delivering a new Muppet movie that lives up to its predecessors while also bringing something new to the table? While the official word is still out, it looks like Disney has started test screening the film, with reports arriving on MuppetCentral from one gent who recently got to see the whole movie. Here are some of the non-spoilerish things he had to say ...

-- "Personally, I really liked it. There wasn't one person in the audience that didn't rate the movie as "Excellent" or "Very Good". A handfull of scenes felt nostalgic to the original Muppet Show while watching it. "Getting the gang back together" happened a lot shorter than I had liked, however. The last scene involving what they shot in front of the El Capitan seemed rushed, but it was only the last couple minutes of the movie."

-- "It felt like about an hour and 45 minutes."

-- "I can say it was was much better than Muppets from Space. I liked it better than all the other Muppet movies except for The Muppet Movie."

-- "Walter was good for the part. When looking at it, as Muppet he seemed like more of "just a guy", a more calm personality than the Muppets crew being characters and celebrities."

-- "Of the cameos, the only I really noticed were Zach Galifianakis, Whoopi Goldberg, Selena Gomez, Neil Patrick Harris, and Mickey Rooney. The prison scene with Wanda Sykes and Danny Trejo was apparently cut out."

-- "The "Pictures in my Head" song I really enjoyed. Some of the human-only songs could be perceived as a bit cheesy, but it really set the mood for the rest of the movie. I think it was definitively enjoyable enough for another one."

-- "Positively, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I was surprised at, for some points, the nostalgic enjoyment that the Muppet Show style gave me. I was surprised at the minor Muppets getting love with actual lines. I didn't expect to laugh as much as I did, let alone with the theater as a whole!"

Take from that what you will. The Muppets arrives in theaters on November 23rd.

[via @MattDentler]

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