Listen: The Muppets 'Green' Album, Featuring Weezer, My Morning Jacket and More

Listen: The Muppets 'Green' Album, Featuring Weezer, My Morning Jacket and More

Aug 16, 2011

Nothing will take you back to your childhood faster than listening to It's Not Easy Being Green or Rainbow Connection. The sweet songs instantly reunite you with the lovable Jim Henson puppets that populated your youth, otherwise known as The Muppets. There will surely be a whole new set of tunes to get stuck in your head when the new Mupppets movie, simply titled The Muppets, releases on November 23. The film finds the core characters and a few new friends trying to save the Muppet Theater from being demolished by an oil tycoon. It ain't no joke people.

To get you in the mood to see the wide-eyed characters on the big screen again after a 12-year absence, several musicians have created an album of covers called The Green Album -- and NPR is hosting the recording so you can check it out for free. Artists include Weezer, OK-GO, My Morning Jacket, Amy Lee, The Fray, and Alkaline Trio performing several well-known tracks and a few that will probably shake the dust off those puppety memories. If you fall in love, pick up a copy of the album over here when it releases on August 23.

[via: NPR]

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