These Rare 'Muppet Movie' Screen Tests Are So Much Fun to Watch

These Rare 'Muppet Movie' Screen Tests Are So Much Fun to Watch

Jun 27, 2012

All cineastes will tell you that often the most magical and interesting movie moments happen when the cameras aren't "officially" rolling. Screen tests and other rough footage often show a more honest and raw portrait of actors and directors, giving viewers a feel for the atmosphere on set.

All that extends to these 1979 screen tests shot by director Jim Fawley, starring legendary puppets (and their beloved creators) Kermit The Frog (Jim Henson), Fozzie Bear (Frank Oz), and Miss Piggy (also Oz). Here, the iconic characters improvise their dialogue during some downtime on the set of The Muppet Movie. The puppets have a casual chat — against some great backdrops, too — but also share a few "existential" moments that remind us these felt-covered creatures were sharper and more charming than our young minds could entirely comprehend. Thankfully we keep finding plenty of reasons to love and enjoy them as adults.

Dig into the videos below. [via io9]

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