MTV Movie Awards Reboots Itself, Adds Academy Members and New Categories, Drops Some Old Ones

MTV Movie Awards Reboots Itself, Adds Academy Members and New Categories, Drops Some Old Ones

Apr 25, 2012

The MTV Movie Awards wants to broaden its horizons and get serious — or at least as serious as one can take an event where Sacha Baron Cohen is allowed to rub his naked ass on Eminem. The annual show has been around since 1992, but has often been discarded as an obnoxious advertiser's prop and a place Hollywood can push its summer slate. In order to transform their image, MTV has created "an 'academy' of actors, producers, agents and other industry insiders to vote on nominees," according to THR. No names have been revealed at this time.

Last year’s awards show raked in 4.5 million viewers, making it the largest audience since 2004. Although it's clearly still a hit with viewers, MTV president Stephen Friedman confirmed that the teen-centric extravaganza wasn't heading in the right direction for the network. "It wasn’t growing the way we want it to," he shared. 

MTV is also doing a little spring-cleaning with their categories. "We want to make sure some of the unexpected, smaller, quirkier films have a chance," Friedman told the website. The panel has already zeroed in on movies like sex addiction tale Shame, in order to spoof the full frontal male nudity that was popular this year. "I think we need to embrace it as a moment," VMA producer Jesse Ignjatovic said. The focus on new cateogories is to "deepen the movie-music connection," integrating the two in a better way. We've shared the drops and adds for this year's line-up below. Can a fancypants panel and wider focus for film make people take the VMAs more seriously? Weigh in with your thoughts below.


New Categories for 2012

Best Music

Best On-Screen Transformation

Best Gut-Wrenching Performance

Best Cast

Best On-Screen Dirt Bag


Retired Categories from 2011

Best Villain

Best Scared-as-Shit Performance

Best Jaw Dropping Moment

Biggest Badass Star

Best Line from a Movie

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