MTV Developing 'Scream' TV Series

MTV Developing 'Scream' TV Series

Jun 04, 2012


Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson's Scream franchise is being developed into a television series by MTV, according to TVLine. The self-aware, 1990's horror opus currently runs four movies long (with the latest release out in 2011) and helped revitalize the genre, cleverly subverting tropes, featuring famous faces getting slashed to smithereens. 
The network is in the early stages of development, but given MTV's penchant for film-to-TV adaptations — like their current run of Teen Wolf, starring Tyler Posey as a high schooler trying to cope with his inner beast — we imagine we'll be seeing this one sooner rather than later. Right now execs are searching for a writer, and it's uncertain if Craven or Williamson will play a role in the small screen remake. It's highly unlikely, though, since writer Williamson didn't seem terribly interested in joining a potential Scream 5 earlier this year.
What do you make of MTV's version of Ghostface? Will the show run out of student bodies to stalk every week, or is the franchise perfect for the television universe, ripe with cultural relevance that we're not seeing? Chime in with your thoughts below.

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