Movies in Real Life: Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak and Two Guys Re-create 'Lord of the Rings' Journey

Movies in Real Life: Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak and Two Guys Re-create 'Lord of the Rings' Journey

Dec 13, 2012

"Quantum Stealth" is a light-bending technology from a Canadian camouflage design company that has a strong presence in the military (uniforms, vehicles and fighter jets). The lightweight, and apparently inexpensive material, allows users to completely disappear by bending the light waves around them.

Company Hyperstealth (the name recalls James Bond's secret MI6 Headquarters) indicates that the material also renders users invisible when viewed through night-vision goggles, thermal equipment, and removes their shadow. In other words: wow! The camo has been tested and verified by military officials (according to the company website, anyway). If you've been coveting Harry Potter's invisible cloak, or aching to go totally Predator on someone, you may have to wait a while. The website says that the technology probably won't be available in the near future, and that we're all at the mercy of the military giving the A-OK. Seems unlikely, but we can certainly dream. [via Design Taxi]




Kerry Shawcross and Chris Demarais did the unthinkable: they simply walked into Mordor. The two guys from website Rooster Teeth are huge fans of J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy universe, so they did what any die-hard might: hopped on a plane to New Zealand, dressed up like Frodo and Sam, and dragged a cameraman along with them during their trek from Hobbiton to Mount Ngauruhoe (the filming location of Mount Doom). Along the way they step in sheep poop, frighten unsuspecting cows, camp outside, and try to avoid electric fences. The journey is 120 miles, and they've documented it for our viewing pleasure. Take a look at day one, below. [via Design Taxi]

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