Watch: 'Jurassic Park' in Real Life May Be the Sweetest Thing You See Today

Watch: 'Jurassic Park' in Real Life May Be the Sweetest Thing You See Today

Nov 06, 2013

The guys at Improv Everywhere have been doing something really cool this fall – each week, they release a new installment in their video series Movies in Real Life. In each episode, the team reenacts scenes from a famous movie while the public (who isn’t really sure what’s going on) watches. Today, we’re sharing three of their latest efforts – an updating of The Matrix, Back to the Future and Jurassic Park.

We kick things off with The Matrix, which finds a Keanu Reeves look-alike infiltrating a crowded Macy’s in search of some new formal wear. Things start off amusingly, with the stone-faced Reeves impersonator asking various clerks for a suit jacket that resembles the sort of “man dress” Neo wears in the series. He’s unsuccessful in procuring some new clothes, but Neo does manage to beat up a whole slew of agents (in mimed slow-mo, no less) while astounded onlookers watch and record the action. The most impressive thing about this clip? That no one at Macy’s called security.

Next up, the team tackles Steven Spielberg’s beloved Jurassic Park.

In this clip, several actors (made to look like Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum) drive through the crowded streets of NYC asking the locals where they can find Jurassic Park. Just when you think the gag is going to run out of steam, the team actually finds the mythical location, and a single, solitary dinosaur. What follows is actually kind of sweet. Who said New Yorkers were all hardened cynics?

Finally, we wrap things up with an amusing homage to Back to the Future. Manhattanites are asked to donate funds to save the clock tower, and next thing you know Doc pulls up in the Delorean in an effort to prevent Marty and Jennifer from seeing themselves 10 minutes in the future. There are plenty of cool little details here, and the clip should give you the warm fuzzies if you love BttF. Check it out below – then swing by the Improv Everywhere YouTube channel every Tuesday for a new installment. 





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