Movies in Real Life: Watch the Opening of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Re-created in Central Park

Movies in Real Life: Watch the Opening of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Re-created in Central Park

Oct 09, 2013

1ImprovEverwhere Raiders of the Lost Ark
Improvisation group ImprovEverwhere has created a cool new series for movie lovers that debuted earlier this fall. Presented by Fandango and called Movies in Real Life, the premise is simple: the group picks a famous film and re-creates some of its most memorable scenes out in public. The latest episode went up yesterday, and features one of the most iconic sequences from Raiders of the Lost Ark. We think you're gonna like it.
In the new episode (the first featured Rocky), Indiana Jones replaces the gold statue with a bag of sand and is forced to flee from a giant boulder. However,in this updating, Indy races through a crowded Central Park and not through a dank, dark cave. The best part of the video (well, aside from the awesome rock costume) is seeing people react to what's happening around them. Some folks are amused, a few don't quite get it, and many grab their cell phone cameras and start recording. 
After the chase, Indy takes the idol to the crowded American Museum of Natural History and announces that the treasure belongs there -- much to the amusement of the museum's patrons. It's funny to watch New Yorkers react to this sort of thing -- they're clearly used to watching strange people do bizarre things. 
Check out the clip below, then swing by the ImprovEverywhere YouTube channel for more vids. New episodes of Movies in Real Life debut every Tuesday.



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