The Easy Guide to SATC 2

The Easy Guide to SATC 2

May 24, 2010

That’s right, gentle readers, another Sex and the City movie is upon us. Fans will go all out, donning daring duds, drinking cocktails, and of course shopping. Detractors will say a big “bah humbug!” to a bunch of self involved New York ladies who seemingly only care about the height of their heels and their number of sex partners.

We are living in a recession after all, so why watch a bunch of rich gals kvetch about clothes? One reason: Escape! This time, we find our favorite foursome in… Abu Dhabi. The movie picks up two years since the last picture as our girls, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) and Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) run off to the Middle East for fun in the sun (not surprisingly, filming was not actually allowed in Abu Dhabi, but in Morocco). The big question is, what on earth are they going to wear? Since the show’s Emmy winning stylist Patricia Field is again on board, expect all kinds of crazy outfits. According to reports, Field has them in harem pants (natch), beaded pieces and turbans.

For those who aren’t as familiar with these ladies (and one “Big” man), here are the “CliffsNotes” for each major SATC 2 character, noting their personality traits, fashion tastes and romantic pursuits. See who you identify with most. Make it your own quiz. Do it if you even detest the show. We promise we won’t tell.

Carrie Bradshaw

Who she is: Our fearless narrator, she is the New York City writer who pens the column “Sex and the City,” in case you forgot that she does anything other than wade in a sea of Jimmy Choos or drink cosmopolitans. Her column does what the show does: observe life, love and sex in the Big Apple, particularly between her and her snazzy friends, and she is (how to put this?) glamorously honest.
Her style: Carrie is a hyper-fashionista. She may be neurotic about her dating life and job, but she is a one-woman army when it comes to clothes. Mixing high-end style with vintage, unusual patternsand color combinations, and always, always highlighting her ensemble with a favorite pair of shoes (she has admitted to shoe addiction), she revels in all things fashion. Fashion shows, fashion magazines, fashionable shops, fashionable sales, fashion, fashion, fashion. She’s arguably the most influential fashion-forward characters on television, to the point your grandfather finally understands the difference between a Manolo Blahnik and a Christian Louboutin. But what will she wear in the sweltering desert? No doubt she’ll beat the heat in trend-setting getups.
Her romantic profile: The Big deal: she’s now married. Before that she dated everyone from John Corbett’s Aidan Shaw, to Aleksandr Petrovsky (Mikhail Baryshnikov). In the original movie, which takes place four years after the show’s season finale, Carrie actually married the iconic Mr. Big, whose name was finally revealed as John James Preston. After a near break-up based on Big’s reluctance to have a lavish ceremony and all the hubbub surrounding it, she agreed to marry him (gasp!) privately, where no one could see her designer dress (Vivienne Westwood, by the way) and which shoes she wore (you know what? We’ll have to ask Gramps about that).
What’s her deal: Some find Carrie likable and charming; others find her neurotic, needy and annoying. To her credit, she herself would agree with all the above. We’re torn.

Charlotte York

Who she is: The most conservative member of the SATC troupe, Charlotte is an ex Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sister, a blueblood who attended Smith College and is an art dealer in the “real” world. Carrie nicknamed her “Park Avenue Pollyanna” for her traditional, more romantic notions of love and sex, though she has shocked her more liberal friends with sexual admissions that we won’t mention here.
Her style: She is the anti-Carrie. Pearls worn as pearls (Carrie would, more than likely find some way to use them as a belt), soft sweaters, classic suits, and a sensible haircut. She’s pretty and feminine and really, any conservative man’s dream woman. You bring her home to Mom.
Her romantic profile: She married Doctor Trey MacDougal (Kyle MacLachlan) even after the initial horror of his response towards her desire for marriage: “All righty.” It obviously didn’t last. She then started sleeping with a man she initially found repulsive, her divorce lawyer Harry Goldenblatt (Even Handler). And marries him! In the last film, she bears his child and all is well in Charlotte-ville.
What’s her deal: Initially Charlotte was so uptight that she seemed almost a foil to the other characters’ libertine lifestyles. But as the series progressed, and the last movie proved, she is supremely loyal to her friends. She shows what happens when you give the nice guy a chance. We know, we know…booooring. But someone has to be her.

Miranda Hobbes

Who she is: She’s only the smartest woman among the group (a Harvard graduate, and a lawyer), though a workaholic and frequently disdainful of men. Who needs them? Of course this makes her Carrie’s best friend – and she finds herself being schooled by Miranda’s wry cynicism.
Her style: What do you call this archetype? It rhymes with “witch” on wheels, or more preferably, heels. After all, she is a lawyer, and she can’t exactly accent a high-powered suit with flowers and plaid skirts, like Carrie might. We’ll see she what she pulls together in the desert. Walking shorts, perhaps?
Her romantic profile: She’s dated men much younger, which made for some amusing situations given her cynical attitude towards dating. She weakens for a doctor played by Blair Underwood, which creates conflict with her on again, off again boyfriend Steve Brady (David Eigenberg), whom she ends up marrying. When last we saw, problems did arise with Steve, but they patched it up on the Brooklyn Bridge.
What’s her deal: Tough, sensible, but like all the characters, filled with surprises. We shall see how that reconciliation pans out in the next film. And how she handles a camel while crossing the desert.

Samantha Jones

Who she is: Before the cringe-inducing term was used so liberally, Samantha Jones, the oldest of the women, was the original “cougar.” She runs a public relations company, which seems quite fitting given her, well, frequent public relations.
Her style: Slinky and sexy. Yet still classy. Never mind that time marches on, Samantha will be a sexpot til the day she dies. Proud of her well-maintained body, she makes a statement with her outfits – low-cut tops with pants, miniskirts with menswear. She’ll wear a see-through-blouse, but never looks trampy. Even though her actions may live up to the look.
Her romantic profile: She is a serial dater, rarely sticking to one man, and loves nothing more than telling her friends all about her sexual exploits in full detail. Samantha doesn’t know the meaning of TMI (too much information), and in fact, enjoys making others uncomfortable with her hot banter. As Charlotte hollered at Samantha (after Samantha slept with Charlotte’s brother) regarding her lady parts, "it’s the hottest spot in town, it's always open!” She’s dated a jazzman, a woman, and a young actor, with whom she settled in Los Angeles. But that didn’t work out so well, as she admitted she “"loves herself more than she loves him." Ouch.
What’s her deal: She loves sex. Perhaps she’s insecure, perhaps she really is afraid of time marching on, but her entire life revolves around men. She does suffer some major life changes (like breast cancer), but at the end of the last picture, she’s back to her old ways, celebrating her 50th birthday newly single. A leopard (cougar?) never changes its spots.

Mr. Big

Who he is: He’s the man of mystery. The tycoon. The big fish. The one Carrie yearns for but for so many episodes, feels out of his league. He’s the Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice in the mold of Donald Trump.
His style: Very dapper. Chic. A dark-suited, slick-haired devil. He wouldn’t be caught dead in a suit on any side of cheap, and well, he looks pretty great. No Men’s Wearhouse for this guy. Though that would make for a funny scenario….
His romantic profile: At first, he’s the unattainable score, and he knows it. He’s commitment-phobic and only furthers Carrie’s insecurities. But when she starts dating the Russian artist, he weakens. Nothing like a relationship with Mikhail Baryshnikov and a move to France to make a man question his self centered appeal. So, naturally, by last film, Carrie and John, aka Mr. Big, marry.
What’s his (Big) deal: Big is a lot of contradictions. Charming and powerful, handsome, but not too handsome, and full of charisma, he’s the one everyone notices right away. Women love him. Men want to be him. And yet, underneath his powerful exterior is vulnerability and warmth. By the last picture, he almost seems too good to be true. So…let’s see where the desert takes them.

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