Movies Chat: Will YouTube Kill the Film Festival Star?

Movies Chat: Will YouTube Kill the Film Festival Star?

Jun 01, 2012

Movies Chat is our new work-in-progress chat show hosted by Managing Editor Erik Davis. Each month we'll release multiple episodes that feature 15-20 minute conversations with some of the web's most notable movie experts.

There's an interesting thing happening over on YouTube that's been brewing for awhile: Aspiring filmmakers and talent are creating their own content, building massive fanbases, and then using those fanbases to fund future projects through sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. These folks are essentially bypassing a system that's been in place for years, and eliminating one of the most crucial experiences for any up-and-coming independent filmmaker or artist: the film festival.

On today's episode, I ring up my buddy Cole Abaius (@coleabaius), managing editor over at Film School Rejects, who's been tracking this trend as it begins to pick up steam. Will additional filmmakers and artists begin looking for more creative ways to enter the moviemaking business that don't include the film festival, or can both of these worlds co-exist and maybe even help each other out in more ways than one? 

You can listen to our chat using the player below, and feel free to email me any questions, comments or concerns to movieschat AT gmail DOT com.



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