Movies Chat: On Kevin Smith's New Show 'Spoilers' and Why He Keeps Hating on Movie Critics

Movies Chat: On Kevin Smith's New Show 'Spoilers' and Why He Keeps Hating on Movie Critics

May 21, 2012

Movies Chat is our new work-in-progress chat show hosted by Managing Editor Erik Davis. Each month we'll release multiple episodes that feature 15-20 minute conversations with some of the web's most notable movie experts

There's no doubt Kevin Smith knows a thing or two about movies, and as part of his growing network of radio and television shows the writer-director-actor-podcaster has just announced a new movie-centric show on Hulu called Spoilers, which begins on June 4th. To change things up from a typical movie review show, Smith will feature various co-hosts across several different segments, one of which involves talking about a new movie with a group of regular old audience members. You can read more about Smith's show on his site or in this Wired interview.

On this episode of Movies Chat I'm joined by Scott Weinberg (@scotteweinberg) to talk about Smith's new show, as well as his occasional need to put down film critics who get to see films for free (an angle he teases in his promos for the new show). 

You can listen to Movies Chat in its new format below, via Audioboo. Also feel free to email any questions, comments or concerns to movieschat AT gmail DOT com.



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This Episode's Supplemental Materials

Kevin Smith Riffs on Spoilers, His New Show for Movie Geeks, via Wired

We're doing a show for Hulu called ... SPOILERS!, by Kevin Smith

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