Movies Chat: If I Hate 'Family Guy,' Will I Like 'Ted'?

Movies Chat: If I Hate 'Family Guy,' Will I Like 'Ted'?

Jun 27, 2012

Movies Chat is our new work-in-progress chat show hosted by Managing Editor Erik Davis. Each month we'll release multiple episodes that feature 15-20 minute conversations with some of the web's most notable movie experts.

Seth MacFarlane's Ted hits theaters this weekend, starring Mark Wahlberg and a teddy bear (voiced by MacFarlane) as one of the most entertaining (and hilarious) buddy duos we've seen all year. MacFarlane, as you probably already know, is the mastermind behind the animated show Family Guy, and ever since I saw Ted earlier this week -- and then raved about it on Twitter -- I've had several folks online and off ask me the same question: "If I hate Family Guy, will I like Ted?" 

So many people asked me this that I thought I'd dedicate a Movies Chat to it. I rang up my buddy Brian Collins (@BrianWCollins), of Badass Digest and HorrorMovieADay, to join me as a guest for the episode. He doesn't like Family Guy, but liked Ted. I like Family Guy and loved Ted. Between the two of us we hopefully answered this question for you.

Note: This conversation includes foul language, a dog barking at one point and minor spoilers for the movie. Listen at your own risk.

You can listen to our chat using the player below.


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