Movies Chat: Guest Matt Singer, on Hateful Online Comments Chasing Negative Reviews of 'The Avengers'

Movies Chat: Guest Matt Singer, on Hateful Online Comments Chasing Negative Reviews of 'The Avengers'

Apr 26, 2012

Welcome to a new thing we're trying out here at where we call up one of our friends and chat for roughly 15 minutes about something movie-related. I'm sorry for not being more specific, but that's pretty much what this is. Sometimes we'll talk about a new movie, an old movie, a hot topic, or simply dole out a dorky list that hit our brains at 2am -- essentially these are small chats, hosted by me (Erik Davis, Managing Editor here at scattered throughout the week that movie geeks (like us) will probably want to listen to. So thanks for listening!

For this chat I'm joined by Matt Singer, of Indiewire's CriticWire and, who earlier today wrote a great piece called Fans Who Attack Critics of 'The Avengers' Completely Miss the Point of The Avengers.' His post was in response to a tidal wave of hateful comments directed at female critics like Box Office Magazine's Amy Nicholson after she published a review that criticized certain aspects of The Avengers. It wasn't overtly negative in any way, and many of the points she makes are certainly valid, but too many internet commenters don't see it that way. They see this as an attack against a property they adore, and they've taken to sites like Box Office Mag and Rotten Tomatoes to trash Amy with rude, sexist comments, many of which are targeted at the fact that Amy is a female critic reviewing a very masculine comic book movie.

It's distasteful, but this is the internet and unfortunately it's not surprising. Matt thinks the so-called comic book fans doing this are missing the point of what it means to be a comic book fan in the first place. In our chat below, he and I attempt to dissect the issue a bit in an effort to figure out why people are so heated up about films like The Avengers and The Dark Knight, and what we need to do to put a stop to all this hate.

Thanks again for listening, and feel free to let us know what you think about our new Movies Chat. 

Note: We had some technical difficulties at 12 minutes in, and apologize if it seems disjointed for a few seconds as we picked up the conversation after it cut out. 

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