MoviePass Plans Re-Launch with New Pricing and Partner

MoviePass Plans Re-Launch with New Pricing and Partner

Aug 30, 2011

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Like the masked slasher in a horror flick, you just can’t kill MoviePass.

Earlier this summer, the fledgling company was set to launch its beta program in the San Francisco Bay Area – a program that would allow consumers to see as many theatrical releases they wanted for a $50 per month fee. While we debated the merits of the service when it was announced, it turned out to be a moot point. The MoviePass people forgot one key step leading up to their beta – making sure the theater chains wanted to actually participate in their program. AMC and Regal both declined to be involved when they got wind of what was going on (which was bad news, particularly since most of the theaters listed for the beta test were AMC screens) and MoviePass appeared ready to fade into the footnotes of movie history.

Not so fast, though. The company is once again back in the news – and this time, they’re promising a new deal that will make theaters and patrons happy.

MoviePass will relaunch alongside Hollywood Movie Money, a 25-year-old company that has well established relationships with both exhibitors and studios. The move means Movie Pass will become part of a network featuring over 36,000 screens nationwide. Sounds like they might actually be on to something here.

However, before you get your credit card ready, be advised that the terms of the MoviePass deal have changed. The $50 per month fee for unlimited screenings? That’s gone. Instead, the service will charge customers a monthly service charge based on the average ticket price in their region. In some ways, that makes sense – but we have to wonder how the charge will be calculated in regards to the number of movies one can see. Will it still be unlimited? Will there be tier pricing for people who want to see five movies a month and not fifteen? Unfortunately, we don’t have answers to those questions yet – but we’ll continue to keep an eye on the MoviePass saga and bring you new details as they’re revealed. 

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