Should Hollywood Follow the French and Warn People of Spoilers in Movie Trailers?

Should Hollywood Follow the French and Warn People of Spoilers in Movie Trailers?

Aug 17, 2012

"In order to ensure that its various plot elements and surprises remain unrevealed, this trailer is only based on the first half of the film." 

It's a statement you could be seeing before U.S. trailers — if American companies start taking France's lead, that is. 

Our friends at Film School Rejects spotted this statement on website Sleepy Skunk (from site master Louis Plamondon) who has been vocal about his distaste for movie marketers and their onslaught of previews that usually reveal far too much information. Hollywood's focus on a movie's success being measured in gross ticket sales and nothing more is certainly part of the problem, reflected in these nonchalant advertisers that treat film ads in the same manner that they would for fast-food burgers and toilet paper. Yes, the art of the trailer that builds excitement and mystery is practically non-existent. Head to FSR's interview with Plamondon to hear more on that matter.

Could this placard start appearing on American shores? What's it going to take for marketers to stop ruining the magic of our movies? Weigh in with your thoughts below, and watch Plamondon's pointed video (spoilers, obviously) — or better yet, just see Spider-Man.


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