Celebrate Christmas in July with Hallmark's 2011 Line of Movie-Themed Christmas Tree Ornaments

Celebrate Christmas in July with Hallmark's 2011 Line of Movie-Themed Christmas Tree Ornaments

Jul 13, 2011

Hallmark ornament of Star Wars' Cantina sceneBack in the in the old days, Christmas ornaments tended to be round, brightly colored glass balls that hung on your tree and provided a nice counterbalance to the electric lights. As time progressed, ornaments got fancier – sometimes they had glitter on them or were odd shapes. Then Hallmark came along – and changed the game completely by making elaborate tree decorations based on pop-culture licenses. Thanks to them, my tree is decorated with a swinging Spider-Man and the greatest hockey player ever (no, not Wayne Gretzky…), one Mr. Mario Lemieux each and every December.

For ornament collectors, this July 16th is like Black Friday – it’s the day Hallmark stores start carrying all of this year’s new ornaments. If you love movies and are looking for a way to spice up your tree this holiday season, you’ll want to get out and snag some of this year’s new selections.

Some of our favorite entries from the latest collection are perfectly suited to the season. Is there a better way to get into the holiday mood than sitting down to watch 24 hours of A Christmas Story while looking at a recreation of Ralphie’s infamous “oh fudge!” moment or Darren McGavin showing off his lovely leg lamp hanging on your tree? Maybe Ralphie and family aren’t enough – Hallmark’s got you covered with an ornament featuring the Griswold’s family ride from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, too.

Film fans who want to move past the whole holiday thing are covered. Twi-hards will no doubt squeal for the Edward/Jacob/Bella piece and Tron fans can show their allegiance by picking up a cool looking light cycle.

Of course, no set would be complete without new Star Wars ornaments – and this year has some cool ones. My personal favorite is a recreation of the Cantina scene. When you own this spiffy decoration, Han always shoots first and George Lucas can’t do a thing about it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, though – head on over to the Hallmark site for all of the new ornaments coming out this month.

[via /Film]

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Hallmark Ornament for A Christmas Story














Hallmark Ornament for Christmas Vacation














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