What Movie Should Be Turned into a Theme Park Attraction?

What Movie Should Be Turned into a Theme Park Attraction?

Oct 08, 2012

Inspired by news about a new Paramount Pictures-branded theme park planned for England, with rides and attractions reportedly to be based on Star Trek, Mission: Impossible and Transformers, we're wondering what other movies would make for great roller coasters or even entire vacation destinations of their own. For example, as long as fans regularly visit Astoria, Oregon, to see the shooting locations from The Goonies, Warner Bros. should just build an enormous amusement park complete with a giant pirate ship, cave mazes, "booty traps" and water slides. Maybe even a ride where you sit on a little girl's bicycle attached to a speeding convertible. Oh, and there's actors dressed up in big-head Sloth costumes!

That's my dream park, the first I thought of, and, as it turns out, already something visualized for a kid's school project as well as the number-one choice in a Born For Geekdom list that also names Beauty and the Beast, Lord of the Rings and Hook as possibilities. So yeah, someone needs to really get on that soon. I'll do the truffle shuffle if I have to, to get in. 

Another movie that deserves its own park is actually 22+ movies: the James Bond series. The franchise has spawned rides in the past, but if Harry Potter can have a place all his own, certainly 007 should. And it too would obviously be in the U.K. Finally, something positive could come out of Moonraker, as that disliked installment would inspire plenty of fun attractions. Also, wouldn't it be neat if the whole thing was adults only? They could make it sexier and have a shooting range, a casino, bars aplenty and an Aston Martin test drive "ride" (but not after you hit those bars).

As for movies that just deserve rides, while the Total Recall remake isn't very popular it does feature a thrilling-looking hover car chase sequence, which used practical effects that could be adapted for something that would be safer yet still fun for tourists (watch this video).

Another singular attraction that I could go for would be based on Time Bandits and involve a "time travel" maze through different significant points of history. Actually, just take the satirical concept of "Oliver Stone Land" from The Ben Stiller Show and make a genuine Terry Gilliam World, because perhaps aside from Tideland I'd love to see all his films get their own "lands." Once again, like the 007 theme park, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Land is reserved for the grown-ups. 



What movie should get a theme park or theme park attraction? 

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