Movie News: Tom Cruise Out of 'Magnificent Seven;' Brad Pitt in '12 Years a Slave' Poster; 'Jack Ryan' TV Spot

Movie News: Tom Cruise Out of 'Magnificent Seven;' Brad Pitt in '12 Years a Slave' Poster; 'Jack Ryan' TV Spot

Dec 26, 2013

The Magnificent Seven  /  Far and Away

The Magnificent Seven: Tom Cruise has dropped out of the remake of 1960's The Magnificent Seven. The remake, itself a remake of Akira Kurosawa's classic Seven Samurai, is still moving forward, however, with John Lee Hancock (Saving Mr. Banks, The Alamo) brought on to rewrite the script. The story revolves around a group of starving peasants who hire mercenaries to help them defend their village from bandits. [The Wrap]

12 Years a Slave: A moviegoer in Italy noted a promotional poster for 12 Years a Slave and wondered why Brad Pitt was featured so prominently rather than Chiweltel Ejiofor, who plays the lead role.(Pitt's supporting performance is quite brief.) According to Lionsgate, the posters -- another features Michael Fassbender, who has a larger supporting role -- were created by the Italian distributor and were "unauthorized and not approved." Reportedly, the materials are now in the process of being recalled. [Photo: Awayoutoftheblue | Update: Deadline]

12 Years A Slave

Million Dollar Arm Trailer: Jon Hamm (Mad Men) stars as a baseball agent desperately searching for new talent in the first trailer for Million Dollar Arm. Based on a true story, the film follows Hamm as he travels to India, brings back three cricket players, and undertakes the challanging  task of getting them qualified for a major league tryout. Listen for the crack of the bat in theaters on May 16. [Grantland]

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit TV Spot: The newest TV spot for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit boils the thriller down to its essentials: good guy (Chris Pine), mentor (Kevin Costner), girlfriend who may not be what she seems (Keira Knightley). Oh, and a lot of fast-paced action, all packed into 30 seconds. The movie opens in theaters on January 17. [Paramount Pictures]

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