Movie News: Submerged 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Pic; 'Akira' Remake Reignited; Trailer for Redford's 'All Is Lost'

Movie News: Submerged 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Pic; 'Akira' Remake Reignited; Trailer for Redford's 'All Is Lost'

Aug 02, 2013

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy: Dave Bautista stars in Guardians of the Galaxy as Drax the Destroyer, "a human resurrected as a green warrior," which is probably enough background to enjoy the photo (above) that he shared from behind the scenes. He is shown submerged in a giant tank of water, though we imagine that the scene will be transformed with visual effects into something entirely different. Marvel's superhero team-based movie is due for theatrical release on August 1, 2014 -- less than a year! [Dave Bautista via Coming Soon]

Akira: Director Jaume Collet-Serra, who exited the proposed Hollywood remake of the influential Japanese animated film Akira last year, is in negotiations to return to the project. He departed when production stalled, reportedly over script and budget issues, and went on to direct Liam Neeson in Non Stop (due in February 2014). He has another Neeson-starring movie to do first but could start work on Akira next spring. Leonardo DiCaprio is serving as one of the producers. [Variety]

1:30 Train: Captain America star Chris Evans will make his directorial debut with 1:30 Train, a romantic drama. Written by Academy Award-winner Ronald Bass (Rain Man), the movie follows two strangers in Manhattan who spend a night together. Production is expected to begin this fall. After that, Evans will reprise his role as Captain America in Joss Whedon's The Avengers: Age of Ultron.  [Deadline]

All Is Lost Trailer: Robert Redford commands the screen in All Is Lost, an adventure that follows a man who experiences a disaster at sea while sailing alone. A new trailer lays out the bare bones of the story and is incredibly compelling, even with an absolute minimum of dialogue. The movie opens in theaters on October 18. [Yahoo! Movies

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