Movie News: Soderbergh Says Liberace Movie "Too Gay" for Hollywood; Manliest 'Man of Steel' Image Yet

Movie News: Soderbergh Says Liberace Movie "Too Gay" for Hollywood; Manliest 'Man of Steel' Image Yet

Jan 07, 2013

Man of Steel

Man of Steel: A new Superman will be flying into theaters on June 14, and we’ve gotten some pretty good looks at Henry Cavill as Clark Kent in Man of Steel so far. A new image is (perhaps) the most iconic we’ve seen, though, with Superman on a field of action with a faraway look in his eyes. [USA Today]

Behind the Candelabra: As director Steven Soderbergh prepares to head into early retirement, he’s looking to go out on a high note. But he says that Behind the Candelabra, his low-budget biopic about famed Las Vegas entertainer Liberace, was “too gay” for Hollywood, which is why it will be debuting on HBO this spring. Michael Douglas and Matt Damon star as Liberace and his long-time lover, respectively. [The Wrap]

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Clip: In a new clip from Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Jeremy Renner gives sound diet advice in the middle of a forest: “Whatever you do, don’t eat the candy.” We’re not quite sure what that means in the context of this fairy-tale reboot, but we’ll find out when the movie shoots into theaters on January 26. [SFX via The Playlist]

Side Effects Trailer: In addition to Behind the Candelabra, Steven Soderbergh has completed another movie that looks like a crackling thriller. The newest trailer for Side Effects, due out on February 8, features Rooney Mara and Channing Tatum as a couple whose lives go sideways when a drug prescribed by psychiatrist Jude Law has unexpected side effects. [The Film Stage]

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